Hello! My name is Ebba Thoresson (she/her).

I’m a eighteen-years-old photographer from Sweden. I read books, rewatch the few TV-series I actually enjoy, listen to the same songs – usually Taylor Swift – over and over again and get too obsessed with drama podcasts. My love for fandoms is something that occasionally gets reflected in my photography.

I started photograph back in 2018 (that’s five years now, damn). Back then I used only my phone, and only shot occasionally, now I have my own camera – and a drone – and photography has become a major part of my life and is something I often use to relax. I mostly shoot nature shots, but also a lot of self portraits. In later days I have also started doing some cinematography.

On my Shutterstock account you can buy digital copies my photos. Some of my photos can also be found on Unsplash, those are free to use, both for non-commercial and commercial purposes. And if you want to buy my prints you can do so here. If you want to use or buy a photo of mine that can’t be find on either website, please get in touch and I’ll look into it!