Hello! My name is Ebba Thoresson (she/her), and the best thing with that is that my
initials are E.T. (“E.T. phone home” might or might not be my ringtone.)

I’m a sixteen years old photographer – which means I’m not throwing away my shot – from Sweden. I read books, rewatch the few TV-series I actually enjoy, listen to the same songs – usually Taylor Swift – over and over again and read too much fanfiction. I drink tea on daily basis and sometimes coffee. Whatever season it is I say that specifically that one is my favorite. And I love greek mythology and, strangely enough, enjoy math. In short: I love fandoms and sometimes have a kinda chaotic energy. I now realize that these small facts might be completely irrelevant, but can’t take it back now. Oh, wait… I actually can, but I won’t *evil laugh* *insert a smiling Sherlock here*.

At this point I’ve realized that you’re probably here for information about my photography, so I guess I’ll have to include that too: I started photograph back in 2018. Back then I used only my phone, and only shot occasionally, now I have my own camera – and a drone – and photography has become a major part of my life and is something I often use to relax. I mostly shoot nature shots, but I’m also getting more and more into portrait photography.

On my Unsplash you can find my photos published with a Creative Commons licens and they are free to use, both commercial and non-commercial. And if you want to buy my prints you can do that here. If you want to use or buy a photo of mine that can’t be find on either website, please get in touch and I’ll look into it!