Ebba Thoresson


Hello! Nice to meet you! My name is Ebba Thoresson, I’m an 18 year old photographer from Sweden. I read books, rewatch the few TV-series I actually enjoy, listen to the same songs – usually Hozier – over and over again and occasionally write things. My love for fandoms is something that occasionally gets reflected in my photography.

I started photography back in 2018. Back then I used only my phone, since then, I have my own camera – and a drone – and photography has become a major part of my life. I mostly shoot nature shots, but also a lot of self portraits. In later days I have also started doing some cinematography.

If you’d like to by my photography – either as digital copies or as prints – you can find more info here.

As of december 2023, I also have a blog where you can find thoughts about photography and life, as well as some of my poems.