Selected photos I've taken.


Hello everyone! I’m Ebba – a sixteen year old photographer from Sweden. Glad you found your way here!

My latest project was my folklore photoshoot, inspired by Taylor Swift’s album with the same name, and the result can you see here. In my portfolio can you also find all of my other photos – I’ve only published some of them there yet, but I’ll upload more!

You can also find me on:

Instagram – My main account, where, almost, all of my photos are published.

Unsplash – Some of my photos are published here – the ones that are, are free for you to download and use!

Tumblr – If you prefer Tumblr, I might post some of my photos here. (I wrote this like three months ago and now I’ve realized this was a lie. I’ve made about three posts here. I will still keep the link though, in case I sometime in the future decide to become more active)

Pinterest – I’ve posted some of my photos here, someday I will hopefully post more of them, in the meantime, you can enjoy my random Pinterest boards.

Twitter – Mostly climate crisis and fandom stuff, might start to post photos there too.

Darkroom – If you want to buy my prints, you can do that here!