the same flame that gives a flower warmth to grow
can burn another down

your little spark - oh, how it gave me solace 
and oh, how I will cherish it
until it one day bursts into a full blown fire
and puts me to an end

but would not the sweetest way to die
be in an inferno caused by you?

the same flame that melts the frozen hearts
can turn skin and bone to ashes

your little candle – oh, how it gave me warmth
my dear, I swear, I held it close
even as he found our house
and burned the ivy with your fire

and the loveliest way to be buried
was in the grave you dug for us

even as the fire burned me from the inside
I could not escape you
just like Icarus – I was drawn to the sun
and just like Icarus – it became my doom 

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