Achilles and Patroclus

Your body lying there
In all it’s former glory
Your eyes
Wide open
Horror would have been expected
But they were only calm
Finally at peace 
Your eyes
I had seen them blooming
I had seen them shining
Even dull and gray
But still
Like the flowers of the meadow 
Like the gentle waves caressing the shore
Nothing like that storm
They used to be a gentle hearth 
Nothing like that raging fire 
Minutes ago
I thought that nothing scared me more
Than that rage
I was just an observer  
Not even in the same world
I could feel
The energy radiating from those eyes
And it was frightening 

But the emptiness in them now
Gives me a far more unpleasant feeling
Your eyes
They stare at me now
For a second I can see the light flicker in them
Then the shadow of a smile
You shouldn’t be able to see me
Yet it seemed like you recognize something
Then they close
Was it worth it?
You could have lived
I might never know the answer
A cold hand on my shoulder 
And then that smile again

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